Actually there is a 3 day rule on auto purchases in North Carolina. But not if you finance. If you pay cash, you get your 3 days. A finance is a deal between you and the bank. Not so much the dealer. Many people really do not get this one. » 12/01/08 9:08am 12/01/08 9:08am

It's amazing how the comments quickly degenerate into a discussion of songwriting, and creative process. I thought Lifehacker readers were a pretty smart bunch, but it seems like they completely missed the point of this post. » 8/18/08 8:37am 8/18/08 8:37am

Don't underestimate the value of repeatedly calling it right afterwards. I dropped my Blackberry on the side of the street getting out of a taxi in NY. When I got to the office, I realized it was missing, and I called it non-stop for a half-hour. » 3/10/08 8:18pm 3/10/08 8:18pm

A good calibration DVD is a MUST. I've used the Avia Guide to Home Theater, and Digital Video Essentials. I find the DVE disc to be better. Once I'm done with DVE, I am able to enjoy an incredible, film-like picture. » 2/05/08 5:58pm 2/05/08 5:58pm

We can see that a few of our posters certainly do not have Brain Drain. In fact, they are so UNdrained that they insist on picking apart someone's excellent article and accusing them of "convoluting" some terms, or being musically ignorant. » 11/05/07 1:45pm 11/05/07 1:45pm